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OSHMAN specialises in Occuptional Health and Safety in the mining, industrial and construction industries.

Health and Safety is a means by which to instil a common thread of teamwork in your company. This is achieved by re-enforcing the benefits of sound HSE practice to your workers initiated by fostering a sense of caring which becomes a catalyst for an environment of improved behavioural patterns and a subsequent positive Health and Safety culture. Let OSHMAN assist you with your Safety Training.

OSHMAN Safety Training

Safety Training

The importance of safety training extends beyond a worker's induction. It also encompasses change management. Without a practical understanding of safety practices related to the job, a worker will be at a higher risk of injury, illness or death.

OSHMAN Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting

It is our objective to contribute to a healthy balance between profitability and an equitable approach to Health and Safety. With our experience and knowledge, we will help you manage the multi-disciplinary Nature of Health and Safety by removing or minimising risk.

OSHMAN Mining Health & Safety

Mine Health & Safety

Despite the high safety standards of the mines, accidents and fatalities are an ever-present danger. An experienced OSH consultant will keep you compliant with evolving safety standards.

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Implementing Health and Safety Management Systems places the responsibility on the
individual workers involved to take care of themselves and others, report hazards, develop safety skills and
increase the morale in the workplace.

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